Scan through life

FREE to use + monthly prizes up to
FL 15.000 each month + 50+ companies + Skenideals

Scan through life


Skenicash is the raffle/sweepstake card for people who want to win. Register your card and spend a minimum of 10 guilders to be automatically entered into a raffle to win car, cash prizes and alot more. Over FL15.000 in prizes each month. There are over 50+ participating companies to choose from. So what are you waiting for? The more times you scan, the more times you can win!


Get your card scanned at one of our 50+ companies to have a chance to win from our monthly prizes of over FL 15.000


Registration is easy, just click on the link provided and follow the instructions.


The more you scan the more chance you have to win.


Every time your card gets scanned you get a new chance to win during the monthly raffle.


Win prizes up to FL 15.000 every month!


  • Pomp Pablo Frederick
  • Pomp Scheidelaar
  • Pomp Parera
  • Pomp Buena Vista
  • Pomp Punda
  • Pomp Tera Kora
  • Pomp Station Emmastad
  • Zeelandia
  • Caracasbaaiweg
  • Gosieweg
  • Rooseveltweg
  • Pomp Santa Maria
  • Pomp Cas Coraweg
  • Pomp Hanenberg
  • ISA Service Station
  • ISA Service Station
    Juan Domingo
  • Grand Central Station
  • Pompstation Biesheuvel
  • Pompstation Barber
  • Pablo Frederick
  • St. Maria
  • Schottegatweg
  • Bob Veeris
  • Bob Zeelandia
  • Morgenster 1A
  • International Automobiles B.V.

*Merchant ONLY participates as #1 raffle prize partner

  • Esperamos Supermarket
  • Schottegatweg Noord #24
  • Mangusa Supermarket
  • Mangusa Hypermarket
  • Schottegatweg Oost 48
  • Schottegatweg Oost
  • Caracasbaaiweg
  • Gosieweg
  • St. Maria
  • Zeelandia
  • Seru Loraweg 104
  • Caracasbaaiweg 212
  • Perseusweg, Saliña
  • Saliña Galleries
  • Fokkerweg 76, Saliña
  • Emancipatie Boulevard 40 (Nieuwe Havenweg)
  • Schottegatweg Oost 58
  • Schottegatweg Oost 58
  • Kaya Fraternan di Skèrpènè
  • Fokkerweg 76, Saliña
  • 11 Santa Rosaweg
  • Weg Naar Fuik 215
  • Rooseveltweg 271
  • Dokweg 19
  • Fokkerweg 5
  • Pietermaai 29
  • Asteroidweg Z/N
  • St. Rosaweg Nst 85
  • Nieuwe Pareraweg
  • Schottegatweg West 57
  • Gosieweg 169
  • Barber 106
  • Hanenberg 1
  • Dr. M. J. Hugenholtzweg 60
  • 765 Kaminda Elektrishen
  • Sambil
  • Suffisantweg 13
  • Sambil
  • St. Rosaweg 133
  • Rooseveltweg 204
  • St. Rosaweg 133
  • Rooseveltweg 204
  • Botika Mahaai
  • Botika Janwe
  • Botika Juliana
  • Botika Nos Deseo
  • Botika Brievengat
  • Botika St. Rosa
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Santa Rita
  • Anasaweg
  • Montaña Abou
  • Santa Rosa
  • Seru Lora
  • Mahuma
  • Jan Noorduynweg
  • Kanga
  • Grote Berg
  • Santa Cruz
  • Gato
  • Caracasbaaiweg
  • Suffisant
  • Dokterstuin
  • Piskadera
  • Veeris
  • Oranjestraat
  • Winston Churchill
  • Gosieweg
  • Colon (Otrobanda)
  • Camu
  • Barber
  • Pannekoek
  • Kaya Angel J. Leanez

*Merchant ONLY particpates with Skenideals

  • Kaya Angel J. Leanez

*Merchant ONLY particpates with Skenideals

  • Zeelandia
  • Punda
  • Zeelandia
  • Zeelandia
  • Sambil
  • Punda
  • Schottegatweg
  • Punda
  • The Old Freeport Shop
  • Freeport Jewelry & Gifts
  • Freeport Duty Free Limited
  • Freeport Jewelers
  • Freeport Jewelers Renaissance Mall
  • Swarovski Boutique Renaissance Mall
  • Freeport Jewelers Zuikertuin Mall
  • Fashion Zone by Freeport
  • Jan Noorduynweg 10
  • Kaya Buena Vista z/n

What are Skenideals?

Right now you can do more with your Skenicash card than only win prizes. We have introduced our new Skenideals!
Skenideal is a special we have for all our Skenicash Users, where you can get the following deals as a Skenicash User. All you have to do, is show your Skenicash Card at the merchant and get these Skenideals!

Launder your clothes at Palthe Curacao and receive 35% DISCOUNT from SKENIDEALS with your Skenicash!

Now you can receive 50% off on your first reduce fat treatment by showing your Skenicash Card!

Espetada House is offering 10% DISCOUNT on all their dishes except for specials.

Buy yourself some “krioyo” food or a soup at Soupsa & More, and show them your Skenicash card to receive a 10% discount!

Juice Bar is offering another great Skenideal! Come and get your breakfast between 8AM to 11AM and purchase a minimum of Naf 15 or more and receive a drink for FREE!

Take advantage of this BRAND NEW Skenideal at BSafe to keep your pocket smiling and your feet drippin! Receive a 15% discount on Timberland Tree Shoes by showing your Skenicash card to the cashier!

Going on vacation? You can’t go without your headphones! Take advantage and book your vacation of 500 guilders or more at Maduro Travel and receive a 15% discount on any headphones at L’Amiga!

VBK has the latest model clothes for men and women! Now with your Skenicash card you will receive 10% discount on their NEW collection!

Now there’s a Skenideal at Mangusa Hypermarket where you receive a discount on a bag of rice by Dunar, high quality rice! Now you can get it for only Fl 19,99!! So pass by Mangusa and take advantage of this great Skenideal!

Mom and dad here’s your chance to receive a 15% discount on all school supplies for your kids! Take advantage of this Skenideal today by going to Balani’s and Mommies Angels and showing them your Skenicash card!

Get one 6 pack completely FREE with each purchase of 1 Presidente beer crate of 24! Take advantage of this amazing Skenideal now at Mangusa!


Winners are chosen by raffle every month. Check this area to see if you won. Winners have 60 days to claim their prize.

Type your Skenicash card number to check if you won last month.

Register your card today!

How to register your Skenicash card?

1. Get your Skenicash card at any of the participating merchants
2. Use your card at least once (have it scanned)
3. Register (obtain one free raffle seat)


Skenicash is a digital raffling system. You can scan your Skenicash card with each transaction of 10 guilders or more at the companies affiliated with Skenicash. You will then receive a free digital raffle seat and have the chance to win various prizes at the end of each month.

1. Get your Skenicash card at any of the participating companies
2. Register on our website, app or fill out the form and return it to the merchant
3. After registering you will be awarded a free raffle ticket

The Skenicash app provides you the possibility to see all your digital raffle tickets. It also shows you the map of Curaçao with all the locations of the companies where you can scan your Skenicash app. Our app also shows you the list of winners of the raffle from the previous month and gives our users notifications about Skenicash!

To change the contact information you have to download the Skenicash app from the app store or play store. Login with the account that was registered under the Skenicash card. Click on the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen. After you click the gear symbol you can then change your name, e-mail, da

1. Download the “Skenicash” app on AppStore or PlayStore.
2. Select “Forgot my password”.
3. Fill in the e-mail address that is registered to your Skenicash card.
4. Check your inbox for a password reset email.
5. Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password.

Simply select winners on our website to see the list of winners, check our Facebook, Skenicash App & the Winnerslist at the companies.

The winners get announced on the last day of each month on our livestream, website & Facebook.

Prizes can be redeemed every Wednesday at our office which is located at Dr. Hugenholtzweg 25ABCD (Green Apple Curacao).
We are available between 9:00 AM to 12:00PM and 2:00PM to 5:00PM.

Winners can claim their prize within 60 Days.

Sadly there’s is no other way to get the same Skenicash card, the only solution is to pass by one of the affiliated companies of Skenicash and ask for a new card.

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Skenicash B.V.
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Willemstad, Curaçao