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  • Rooseveltweg 238

  • Adventure Korsou
  • Pomp Pablo Frederick
  • Pomp Scheidelaar
  • Pomp Parera
  • Pomp Buena Vista
  • Pomp Punda
  • Pomp Tera Kora
  • Pomp Station Emmastad
  • Santa Rosaweg 133
  • Rooseveltweg 204
  • BOB Veeris
  • BOB Zeelandia

  • Botika Mahaai
  • Botika Janwe
  • Botika Juliana
  • Botika Nos Deseo
  • Botika Brievengat
  • Botika Santa Rosa
  • Botika Montaña
  • Pomp Santa Maria
  • Pomp Cas Coraweg
  • Pomp Hanenberg
  • ISA Service Station Saliña
  • ISA Service Station Juan Domingo
  • Grand Central Station
  • Pompstation Barber

  • Santa Maria
  • Saliña
  • 6o Jan Noorduynweg
  • Schottegatweg Noord #24
  • Suffisantweg 13
  • Fokkerweg 5
  • Dokweg 19
  • DR. M.J. Hugenholtzweg 60
  • Mangusa Supermarket
  • Mangusa Hypermarket
  • Jan Noorduynweg 10
  • Santa Rosaweg 133
  • Rooseveltweg 204
  • Zeelandia
  • Caracasbaaiweg
  • Gosieweg
  • Rooseveltweg
  • Caracasbaaiweg 212
  • F.D. Rooseveltweg 184
  • Pomp Pablo Frederick
  • 765 Kaminda Elektrishen
  • Schottegatweg oost #110
  • Martin Luther King Boulevard
  • Santa Rita
  • Anasaweg
  • Montaña Abou
  • Santa Rosa
  • Seru Lora
  • Mahuma
  • Jan Noorduynweg
  • Kanga
  • Grote Berg
  • Santa Cruz
  • Franklin D. Rooseveltweg
  • Gato
  • Caracasbaaiweg
  • Suffisant
  • Dokterstuin
  • Piskadera
  • Veeris
  • Oranjestraat
  • Winston Churchill
  • Gosieweg
  • Colon (Otrobanda)
  • Camu
  • Barber
  • Pannekoek
  • Seru Lora Weg z/n
  • Pablo Frederick
  • ST. Maria
  • Schottegatweg
  • Nightingaleweg 1B

Ban selebrá nos Siman di Kultura manera mester ta: HUNTU!

B'a kere ta wega?

Check out our SuperSkeni for September!✈️

In September our SuperSkeni is more fire than ever!
This month with every scan you have a chance to win 2 tickets to Bonaire!
You also win a weekend stay for 2 at Habitat Bonaire!

We are offering this prize thanks to our SkeniPartner @madurotravel_curacao
So this month scan away for your chance to win it! B'a kere ta wega?🎉

No Credit Card? No problem!🤩

Always wanted to buy online, but don't have a credit card? Here's the solution!

@cashonweb is here to make your life so much easier. Just create an online profile on the website and register for an online shopping account. To top up your Cash on Web account, just stop by Pagadero at the Pablo Frederik gas station for your deposit. The next step is shopping online to your heart's content!

P.s. Early bird special: win TWO day-passes at Corendon! How? Recharge your Cash on Web account with 50 USD or more before September 15th. B'a kere ta wega? Stop by Pablo Frederik's Pagadero today!

B'a gust'e? Awèl p'esei a alarg'e!

Pompstation Sta Maria NV a alargá su kampaña di skèn i gana un tanki yen yen te ku fin dje luna aki!🤩⛽

Esaki ta bo chèns pa ta siguiente ganadó dus sigui skèn!

Did you like it? Well, that's why we extended it!

The Sta. Maria gas station has extended their campaign in which you can scan and win a full tank of gas to the end of this month!🤩⛽

This is your chance to be the next winner so keep scanning!

Masha pabien na nos SkeniWinner! Gosa di bo premio!! 🥳
Congratulations to our SkeniWinner! Enjoy your prize!! 🥳

Ougùstùs tin premio hot! 🎉

Gana 5000 Florin Kèsh, Day-Pass pa 4 Persona na Dreams Curaçao Resort, Spa & Casino, i muchu mas!

Djis sòru pa bo ta ON i skèn mas tantu posibel e luna aki, pa abo tambe por ta un ganador!

B'a kere ta wega?

August comes with hot prizes!🎉

Win 5000 Guilders Cash, Day-Passes for 4 at the Dreams Resort, and much more!

Just make sure to scan as much as possible at your favorite SkeniMerchants, so you can be a winner too!

B'a kere ta wega?

Bo por rei na unda e ta skondí? 🎒

Mommiesangelscuracao i Balani's ta ON ON pa Back to School ku un Giveaway na balor di 50 FLORIN!!

Kon bo ta hasi gan'e? Awèl nos a skonde un School Kit tras di un di e tasnan di skol den e imágen aki bou. Si bo rei korekto tras di kua nos a skond'e bo ta gana 50 FLORIN di Balani's!!🥳

Rarara kue e por ta??

Can you guess where it is hidden? 🎒

Balani's & Mommies Angels are ACTIVATED for Back to School with a giveaway valued at 50 GUILDERS!!

How can you win it? Well, we have hidden a school kit behind one of the schoolbags below. If you guess correctly behind which bag it is hidden you win 50 GUILDERS at Balani's!!🥳

So which one could it be?

Masha pabien na nos SkeniWinner! Gosa di bo premio grandi! Esaki por ta abo tambe siguiente biaha dus sigui bo skèn!!💰
Congratulations to our SkeniWinner! Enjoy your big prize! This can be you too next time so keep scanning!!💰

Un pabien kaluroso ta bai pa nos SkeniWinner Marion! Un otro ganadó felis!! 🥳

A warm congratulations goes out to our SkeniWinner Marion! Another happy winner!! 🥳

Win 100 guilders at @botika.di.servisio ! Stop by any one of their 7 branches between July 15th and August 15th and scan your card for a chance to win 100 GUILDERS of shopping at their stores!!🎉🤩
We will be announcing the winner on August 16th.

Register your card today!

You can register your SkeniCash Card quick, easy and right here! If you don’t have a card yet, pick up a card from any of our participating merchants and scan your card to activate it. Once scanned, your SkeniCash Card can be registered.
SkeniTip: You get a FREE extra scan after completing your registration, which means a FREE extra chance to be a winner of this month’s prizes!

There are multiple ways to register your card:

  • Fill in your information on the SkeniCash Intro Flyer and turn this in at one of our merchants
  • Download our SkeniCash app and register.
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SkeniCash is a unique loyalty card program for people who want to win. Register your card and spend a minimum of 10 guilders at one of our Skeni partners and you will automatically enter into our monthly prize raffles. We’re raffling over 5.000 guilders in prizes each month, from cash to gift vouchers and much more. There are over 50 participating companies to choose from. So, what are you waiting for? The more times you scan, the more chances you have to win!

Register your card

Registration is easy, just click on the button below and follow the instructions.

Spend more than 10 guilders at our Skeni partners.

The more you scan, the more chances you have to win.


With every purchase and every scan, you get a new chance to win in the monthly raffles.

Don’t miss your chance to win!

We’re raffling over 5.000 guilders in prizes every month.


SkeniCash is a loyalty program filled with raffles, games and entertainment. Shop at our SkeniCash merchants and get rewarded with great prizes and a unique fun-factor! All you need to do to participate is scan your SkeniCash card at every purchase of 10 guilders or more at one of our SkeniCash merchants…and voila, you could be our next end-of-month winner!
SkeniTip: Every new visit (and scan) at our merchants is another extra chance to be a SkeniWinner. What are you waiting for? Let’s play! Ban pa gana!

1. Get your SkeniCash card at any of our participating merchants
2. Register your card right here online, via our app, or fill out the SkeniCash Intro Flyer and return it at one of our merchants
3. SkeniTip: You get a FREE extra scan after completing your registration, which means a FREE extra chance to be a winner of this month’s prizes!

The SkeniCash app provides you the possibility to see all your digital raffle tickets. It also shows you the map of Curaçao with all the locations of the companies where you can scan your SkeniCash app. Our app also shows you the list of winners of the raffle from the previous month and gives our users notifications about SkeniCash!

To change the contact information, just download the SkeniCash app from the App Store or Play Store. Login/Register and click on the gear symbol in the top right corner of the screen. Here, you can change your name, e-mail, date of birth, address and neighborhood.

1. Download the SkeniCash app from the App Store or Play Store
2. Select “Forgot my password”
3. Fill in the email address that is registered to your SkeniCash card
4. Check your email inbox for a password reset email
5. Click on the URL provided in the email and enter a new password

You can check that online right here on our website! Scroll to or click on our Winners section where you’ll find our list of winners and search directly by typing in your SkeniCash cardnumber. You can also check our SkeniCash app, follow us on Facebook, and/or check out our Winners lists placed at all of the participating SkeniCash merchants.

The winners get announced on the last day of each month on our Live-Stream, our Website and Facebook.

To claim your prize, please make an appointment for pickup via Whatsapp or Call +5999 668 1829.

Winners can claim their prize within 60 days.

Sadly there is no other way to get the same SkeniCash card with the same number, but you can get a new one at any of the participating SkeniCash merchants.

You must go into our SkeniCash app and click on the ‘Prizes’ button.